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Plapa LLC

Dear Partner,

Thank you for having the kindness and wisdom to visit Plapa LLC at www.psarl.com , the professionals in real estate.

By founding Plapa LLC in 2016, Plapa made a commitment to restore hope, promote transparency and professionalism in real estate, thereby leveraging his experience to serve our partners, you.

On our secured web site www.psarl.com, you can sell, buy, rent or lease real estate properties throughout Africa. We also offer to manage the procedures of obtaining the legal documents and the construction of your property per your specifications, within the agreed deadlines and budget as well as the appraisal of your house. If you choose us for the construction of your property, we have a pleasant surprise for you.

Be reassured, our team of professionals is at work to provide you with a quality service in transparency.

Plapa LLC

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