Privacy Policy

1. Publisher

Plapa SARL, limited company with limited liability, registered in the Trade and Personal Credit under number TG 2016 B-LOM in 1094 and located opposite the Management of Private University in Adidoadin, Lomé Togo, as +228 91 14 30 35 publishes the website, Facebook apps, mobile websites and mobile applications iOS and Android dedicated to these partners realtors.

2. Purpose

Plapa SARL is very sensitive to the protection of personal data about the users of its applications and its website. The charter only applies to data collected and processed by Plapa Ltd and / or its partners realtors. It is therefore your responsibility to be aware of conditions and procedures for retention and protection of personal data specific to Facebook, Google and Apple, Twitter and others.

3. Protection of personal data

According to the law n ° 98-005 of 11 February 1998 on telecommunications, as amended by Act No. 2004-011 of 3 May 2004, called the “Telecommunications Act”: